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February, 2103  

FENIX adds Heavy Duty Surface Mount Handle to the Heavy Metal Line 

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October, 2012

FENIX nows manufactures/catalogs over 120 items, Made in the USA

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October, 2012

 FENIX to Test "As Seen on TV" with SmartHook.

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GNV Direct
September, 2012

Solutions From Science Releases Heavy Metal Security in a New Promotion

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Solutions from Science Logo

August, 2012 Orscheln Rolls Out Fenix Mfg Heavy Metal Security to Stores - click for more information
August, 2012

 Check out FENIX products on Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond ecommerce sites.

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Summer 2012

 FENIX Mfg adds SmartHook ColorZ and SmartHook for KidZ

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          KidZ SoccerPastel GreenKidZ Balloon

Spring 2012

Monroe Hardware adds FENIX Heavy Metal Security -

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Monroe Hardware Company, Inc.

April 12, 2012

Fenix Manufacturing Featured in Spring 2012 issue of NRHA Vendor Partner Magazine - click here for more information

February 7, 2012 Long Lewis has agreed in principal to add SmartHook and HMS to their warehouse.  -click for more information

January, 2012 ShopKo Adds Fenix SmartHook, No Tools Required Program to Hometown Stores - click for more information

November, 2011 Fenix Mfg adds Heavy Metal Security Line to Wallace Hardware - click for more information Wallace Hardware Co, Inc.
July, 2011 Fenix and Solutions from Science Team Up for Security - click for more information  Solutions from Science Logo
July, 2011

FENIX joins forces with CDH in the SE - click for more information

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July, 2011

FENIX Heavy Metal Security is now playing on NRHA planitDIY - click for more information

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 NRHA Logo with National Hardware Show Emblem
July, 2011

FENIX Mfg adds Tom Hoeynck Sales Agency to cover 5 state Territory - click for more information


May 31, 2011

Fenix Manufacturing and Wheatbelt join forces to offer programs to members - click for more information

 May 31, 2011 Cargile and Klazcek agree to represent Fenix Manufacturing - click for more information  

 April 19, 2011

Feinx strikes gold with NRHA packaging awards - click for more information

Packaging Award: click here

Merchandising Award: click here



March 4, 2011

Fenix announces ColorZ branded SmartHooks for sale on - click for more information

Shop for ColorZ at


January, 2011

Fenix Mfg Interviewed Live on Cajun Contractor - click for more information

Listen to the interview - click here:

Interview starts at about 2:30

Visit The Cajun Contractor's website at

December, 2010 Fenix Mfg Explores Marketing Opportunity Through Minor League Baseball - click for more information

Visit The Clinton Lumber Kings'

website to purchase your SmartHook


December, 2010 Fenix Mfg Featured in December Issue of Hardware Retailing - click for more information

May 25th, 2010 FENIX Mfg. Earns NRHA Silver Merchandising Award for SmartHook Aisle Violator